Beginner's Guide To Golf: What To Wear

When you think of golf, you shouldn’t think of sweaty people in athletic wear working out.

Yes, golf is a game that requires strength and discipline, but it isn’t a ballfield and it isn’t a basketball court. There are some clothes that you should wear to the golf course and some that you need to avoid. If it’s your first time golfing and you need to know what to wear before you make an embarrassing mistake, we know it can be daunting to figure out what is acceptable on the course and what is off-limits (but we’re here to help).

This beginner's guide to what to wear while golfing will lead you through the various types of clothing and help you know what is acceptable (and encouraged) and what is better left for the gym or the morning jog around the park.

What Not To Wear On The Golf Course

Many people think women have to wear khaki shorts and polos to the golf course, but we are here to tell you that it is no longer the case! These stereotypes of boring women's golf clothes are long gone. Ladies - you can still show off your personality while playing golf.

Women’s acceptable golf attire is not only an important subject to understand but it can also be a delightful way to show off your style. Stylish golf outfits are now the norm, not the exception, and to fit in at the clubhouse and on the green you need to know what you’re getting yourself into with regards to women’s golf fashion.

Ultimately, there’s more to it than just being accepted by the style icons you look up to - there’s often dress codes at golf courses that you need to abide by. These dress requirements can vary, so make sure to reach out to your course prior to your tee time to avoid any issues.

WLDA and Symetra Tour Pro, Alex Phillips, says to "Be conscious of the golf course you are going to. Some places, especially public courses, it’s acceptable to wear leggings and just a t-shirt to play, other places you need a collar and your shirt tucked into slacks.” Take Alex's advice - showing up in a halter top and jeans might result in being asked to change clothes.

It’s good to read up on articles like ours as well because, yes, there is the formal dress code of the course, but there’s also the accepted dress code of the people who work and play there, and you want to fit in with your fellow golfers.

But this makes it sound too dour and rules-oriented! While there are dress codes, it’s no different from going to a black tie dinner: you may not be turned away at the door for wearing something casual, but you go because you want to dress up. This is an opportunity more than anything else - an opportunity to show your personal style, class, and personality. Don’t think of a golf course as a place with restrictions; think of it as an outdoor red carpet where you get to show off your best self in the clothes that are appropriate to golf.

Best of all,Women's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop has taken the difficulty out of the equation: we know what’s acceptable golf attire and what’s stylish golf outfits, and we make sure that our store is stocked with the gorgeous tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and more that will make you stand out on the course, that will make you look like a golf star - even if this is your first time golfing and learning what to wear.

So without further ado, let’s look into some of the offerings thatWomen's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop has prepared for you, to let you know what to wear golfing.

What To Wear: Golfing for Women


A collared or polo shirt is always a safe bet on the course.Women's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop polos are anything but basic. Our Harper, Mia, Kaye, and Grace tops are classic polos with theWomen's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop flair. Most golf courses allow you to wear sleeveless polos as well. If you are looking for a little more coverage, you can wear long sleeve shirts to the golf course, as long as they have a collar. AllWomen's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop clothing provides UPF 50+ for added sun protection.

There are so many ways to show off your style with your top fromWomen's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop. If you like sleek athletic looks with a classy collar, we’ve got that. Or if you want a more comfortable breathable top with long sleeves that will keep you covered from the sun (or the cold) then we can show you what to wear golfing and what is acceptable golf attire. Take a look through our beautiful collections of tops. There’s not just one style, one cut, one pattern. We know that you want to be you, and we want you to be your best self when you are out on the course hitting that ball. Our tops provide you with the flexibility to bend and twist, lean over and crouch down, all while following the dress code for women’s golf.

Dress Code for Women’s Golf: Prohibited tops on the golf course include strapless tops, t-shirts, halter tops, crop tops, and swimming suits.   



Hitting the links while it's chilly? There are still stylish options for you to wear while keeping you warm. We suggest wearing a vest, sweater, pullover, rain jacket, or windbreaker.  Our Bomber Jacket will keep the wind at bay while you're swinging a club or at brunch. Our Boyfriend Pullover will keep you comfortable and warm while still providing that high level of style you want. Baggy clothing can restrict your performance, so we recommend wearing semi-fitted clothing.

When deciding what to wear when golfing, rarely should the weather dictate your golf game, and just because the seasons have changed and you’re now having to wear a jacket over your stylish collared top doesn’t mean that you have to give up on good looks. These Boyfriend Pullovers and Bomber Jackets look every bit as classy and sophisticated when your sinking that clutch putt as any beautiful top would. The important thing is that the clothes are allowing you to play the game: they’re not a hindrance, they’re a benefit.

Dress Code For Women’s Golf: Prohibited items usually include baggy hoodies, denim jackets, and anything that can become hazardous as you swing.


Don't fret! When deciding what to wear golfing, there are so many options for appropriate golf bottoms. You are able to wear shorts, skorts, dresses, and pants to the golf course. One restriction to keep in mind is shorts, skorts, and dresses must be an appropriate length. Most golf courses consider fingertip length to be acceptable. If you are questioning the length of your skort, throw on some leggings underneath! Or you can wear our Quinn legging and skort combination.

There is nothing better than being out on the golf course on a warm day and being able to show off your legs that you’ve worked on so long at the gym with these gorgeous bottoms. You will not only be turning heads, but also, because of our expert craftsmanship on our stylish golf outfits, you will always have movement and flexibility.

Dress Code For Women’s Golf: Prohibited bottoms on the golf course include JEANS OF ANY KIND, sweatpants, yoga pants, or cargo shorts/pants.


Accessories on the golf course? Of course! Accessories are the perfect way to show off your personal style. We typically suggested wearing a hat on the golf course to protect that beautiful face of yours. Other accessories that are optional to wear include belts, gloves, andWomen's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop's patented “Fringe Its”. Fringe Its allow you to accessorize your shoes and give you a custom look to complete your outfit.

Oh, and don't forget your bag. It’s vital you are able to stay organized on the course and always have your personal items by your side with a cart bag. Check out our Bring It Bag that will fit right over the arm of your cart with a convenient back strap.

When deciding what to wear to play golf, remember that accessories complete the look. They’re the cherry on top of the sundae. A stylish bag, an adorable hat, or the perfect shoe fringe are things to consider when deciding what to wear when golfing. There is no dress code for women’s golf when it comes to accessories, but wouldn’t you rather bring your necessities in a special-made golf bag than in a bulky purse?


Closed-toed athletic shoes are required on nearly all golf courses, and some courses even require golf shoes. Golf shoes typically have spikes on the bottom, but spikeless options are also acceptable, like our new Traveler shoe seen below. You can find stylish shoes that are both sporty and sophisticated.

white leather spikeless casual shoe with redWomen's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop logo on bottom

Still not sure what to wear golfing? Is it your first time golfing and you don’t want to make a misstep? Have some questions about what to wear on the course? Reply in the comments below or email us at [email protected].

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    I am 59 , I have been interested in golf for a few years , I am a beginner, I start lessons once it’s safe , so I am looking forward to following your guide to golfing😊 Your clothing line is beautiful.

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