Women’s Golf Guide: Golf Terms

Are you looking for golf basics for beginners? Need a guide to golf? Ever wondered what a “bogey” is in relation to golf? Learn exactly what golf pros mean when they say some of these common but different golfing terms.

Women have been breaking records and dominating on the course for decades. Just look at the success of stars like Annika Sorenstam, Mickey Wright, and not to mention, Patty Berg! She overcame a massive car accident, volunteered with the US Marines, was a speed skater, and claimed 60 LPGA Tour wins!

This beginner’s golf guide can be used by everyone - no matter your golf experience! Golf basics for beginners can help you feel confident when hitting the links. Knowing important terms will also ensure continued safety when around other golfers or walking on the course. No one wants to show up to the 19th hole with with an injury!

Stroke: Any forward swing of a golf club when intending to strike the golf ball. Each stroke is counted as a part of your score. 

Par: This is the predetermined number of strokes that a golfer should need to complete a hole. Par is also used when your score for the hole equals the listed par. 

Bogey: Scoring one stroke above par.

Double Bogey: Scoring two strokes above par. You should try to avoid this at all costs! 

Birdie: Scoring one stroke under par. 

Eagle: Scoring two strokes under par. 

Snowman: You never want to be associated with this term! A snowman is when you score 8 on a hole. 

Mulligan: An unofficial do-over! The golfer receives a second chance to perform the action again. 

Fairway: The center, short-mown portion of a golf hole in between the teeing area and the green. 

Green: The area of specially prepared grass around the hole, where putts are played.

The Rough: The area of long, unkempt grass bordering the fairway. You don't want your ball to go here because it is often difficult to find. 

Cart path only: A condition on the golf course by which players driving golf carts must drive only on the cart paths and not on the grass.

Divot: The piece of the grass that was cut out of the ground while playing a stroke. You'll need to repair the divot by replacing the piece of grass and pressing it into the ground. 

Fore: The word you yell when you hit your golf ball in the direction of another golfer. 

Ace/Hole in one: Hitting the ball into the hole in one stroke.

Tee Box: The area of the hole where the golf ball is first struck. 

The front nine: The first nine holes of golf on an 18-hole golf course. 

The second nine: The second nine holes of golf on an 18-hole golf course. 

Playing the tips: When a player plays from the rearmost set of tees and plays the course at its longest distance. Typically professionals play from the tips. 

Fried Egg: When your ball lands in the bunker it looks exactly like a fried egg! 

Beach: Another word used for the sand bunker. 

19th Hole: Typically, the 19th hole is the clubhouse bar where players gather after their round! 

Master these terms--or pick up one or two to help while you collect your beginner’s games of golf under your belt. New golfer’s are capable and extraordinary on the course and a brief refresher and a guide for golf basics for beginners is something we can all appreciate.

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