Women’s Guide to Tennis Attire

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Whether you are a brand-new tennis player or a skilled, veteran player, you might find yourself wondering what the perfect tennis attire for you to wear might be. Sometimes you might find yourself playing at a club with a strict dress code. Other times, you might find yourself playing with a friend on a beautiful, sunny afternoon and want to look the part of a stylish tennis player. You might even be playing in a professional tournament and be concerned about the ideal or proper attire necessary for the event. No matter the occasion, no need to worry, we are here to show you some incredible examples of stylish, comfortable, and appropriate tennis attire for anyone. This article will have you perfectly dressed whether you are a beginner, professional, and anyone in between. Read on to find the perfect tennis attire for you.

What should a beginner tennis player wear?

When you are first starting out in the tennis world, it might sometimes be a bit overwhelming in determining what the best tennis outfit to wear is. Between all of the tops, dresses, skirts/skorts, hats, and other accessories available on the market today, there are a myriad of choices available to us. Beginner tennis players have a whole world of options open to them in determining their own, personal style of activewear for playing tennis.

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For a beginner, we recommend first confirming the dress code of any court or club that you are planning to play at. You should always adhere to the rules of the court’s location. Next, we recommend a sleeveless or short-sleeved shirt. With this, you can wear a matching skort. While the skort does not have to be the exact same shade or pattern as the top, it should match and have an overall, cohesive feel of an outfit. It is also recommended to wear a visor if you prefer to wear a hat while playing. If the weather is colder or you prefer clothing as sun protection, it is also appropriate to wear a long-sleeved shirt as well. We love the Alma striped tank with the Sandra skort in green shown here but there are a number of options out there that will have you looking like a pro.

What should a seasoned or professional tennis player wear?

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While skill level or experience may separate some players from others in terms of tennis, attire doesn’t necessarily have to. Professional tennis players and novice players can usually pick from the same array of tennis attire. This can be the skorts and matching tops mentioned above or it can also be a fashionable tennis dress with shorts underneath. Any of these options work perfectly for highly experienced tennis players. If you are searching for the ultimate tennis dress, you can check out the Mara, Heat, or a number of other dresses fromWomen's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop or brands like Eleven, Tory Birch and Lululemon offer great options as well. 

What are the most popular colors for tennis attire?

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You might have noticed that some colors are more popular than others when it comes to tennis attire. Traditionally, white reigns supreme as “the” color for tennis attire. In 1890, white was deemed the official shade of attire to be worn by all tennis players at the Wimbledon tournament and this has remained the case for over one-hundred years now. Throughout history, many establishments required their players to wear white attire, just like at Wimbledon. If you would like to stick close to the roots of tennis attire with an all-white ensemble, we encourage you to check out the Kaylee or Melissa tops to pair with the Olivia or Valentina skorts fromWomen's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop. 

However, over the years, rules have loosened at many clubs and courts and the all-white attire is no longer a requirement. Today, many bright pastels and vibrant shades are used to create a wonderful pop of color in tennis attire. At times, professional players have used their vibrantly colored attire to make fashion statements at tournaments and in matches. Whether you lean more towards an all-white outfit, a beautiful pastel set, or a bold shade choice for your attire, there are so many options available to suit your own style and personality. Even if your own style leans towards black, there are still options available to you. One of our customer favorites is the Heat dress in black paired with the Ruby undershorts or Lyla bike shorts

Can female tennis players wear leggings while playing?

Here lately, it seems as if the wearing of leggings has pretty much taken over most of women’s athletics. From running to gym sessions, leggings seem to be everywhere and are happily and comfortably worn by every body type. Historically, leggings were not thought of as your typical tennis attire. Female tennis players tended to wear skorts or dresses and usually not leggings in a match setting. In 2019, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) formally announced that they allow female players to wear leggings as well as bike shorts without any type of skirt covering them. Technically, it was not a rule before that women were not allowed to wear leggings or bike shorts; however, this was clarification that women are indeed allowed to add these items to their typical tennis attire. Leggings are a great choice if you find yourself playing tennis in colder weather. For a comfortable, reliable pair of leggings to wear during tennis, look no further than the buttery soft fabric and 360 degree stretch of the skirted Quinn legging.  Brands like Lululemon and Outdoor Voices offer great fitness legging options as well. 


Overall, as a female tennis player, you can choose from so many incredible options for your own version of the perfect tennis attire. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can choose from skorts, leggings, dresses, tops, and accessories. You can choose a more traditional, all-white attire or go bold with your color choices to make a true fashion statement on the court. In colder weather, leggings can wrap your legs and keep them warm. In the warm sunshine, the sun can kiss your shoulders in sleeveless tops. No matter your preference, here atWomen's Tops & Long T-Shirts,Sustainable Womenswear Shop, we are here to support you all the way in being the best version of yourself possible when it comes to you and your sport.

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