Sacred Plague Records

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Current releases:

SP-005 A/B: I Fail "highways..." 10"
SP-009: United Sons of Toil "When The Revolution Comes Everything Will Be Beautiful" LP (split release w/ Phratry)
SP-012: Jesus or Genome "The Veil is Lifting" 7"

SP-015: Black Hole of Calcutta LP (multi-label split release)
SP-017: Uncurbed / Warvictims split LP (US version)
SP-018: Piss Piss Piss "Never Herd of Ambeix" Cassette Tape
SP-019: Krang "Bad Moon" LP (multi-label release)
SP-020: MyManMike "I'm Pregnant" LP (mutli-label release)
SP-021: Dödläge 7" (multi-label release)

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