Short Sleeve Women's Golf Shirts

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61 products

Short Sleeve Women's Golf Tops

When you’re playing golf you want clothes that will move with you, and there’s, perhaps, no item of clothing more important to getting that perfect swing than your women’s short-sleeve golf top. Whether the sleeves are baggy or hardly there at all, the freedom of movement as you tee up for the drive is essential to your game. And, of course, it wouldn’t hurt if you looked sensational while you’re at it.

For your next round, why not try the classic Caitlyn Button-Down. This shirt is a tried-and-true staple of women’s golf tops everywhere because it is stylish yet casual, and the classic simple style makes it a go-to for any golfer but transitions to work and fits perfectly into your off-the-course wardrobe.

Of course, the length of the sleeve is free to vary: the Caroline Peacock Top has a high sleeve, while its companion, the Kali Peacock Mid Sleeve Top comes down almost to the elbow and features a puffed shoulder. Both give a stunning look, neither restrict movement, and both will enable you to win big.

For something even more fun, go bold with the Portrait Harper--get a little modern art into your short sleeve women’s golf top design. There are so many options to choose from that you need never wear the same women’s golf shirt to the course more than once. Check out the full selection.